Oscars'64Posted online by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, is the opening of the 37th Annual Academy Awards of April 5, 1965 honoring the movies made in 1964. Click on the image to watch the first 18 minutes of the now-historic broadcast.

Highlights include:

* Opening announcer “Ben Casey will not be seen this evening so that we may bring you the 37th Annual Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences…”

*Arrivals: Dick Van Dyke, Richard Chamberlain, Agnes Moorehead, “perpetually lovely” Greer Garson, Ann-Margaret, Deborah Kerr, Anthony Quinn, George Hamilton, Lila Kedova, Jane Fonda, Roger Vadim, and Vince Edwards.

* Overture played by the Academy Awards orchestra, conducted by Oscar-winner John Green.


* Host Bob Hope’smonologue– very funny, not to be missed! At 8:35 he’s introduced by Arthur Freed. In reference to the amount of British themed films in the running that year, Hope begins, “Good evening and welcome to Santa Monica on the Thames…”

A few more samples of his gags:

– “This is the night wars and politics are forgotten and we find out who we really hate.”

– “This is our night. The night that separates the men from the boys, the weak from the strong, and the actors from their agents.”

– “[Tonight there are] thousands of voices saying silently ‘Let it be me’…. ‘But if it can’t be me, not him.'”

– “Peter Sellers, who played three parts in Dr. Strangelove, was nominated for best performance by a show-off.”

* Claudia Cardinale and Steve McQueen give out the first award, for Best Sound– which went to My Fair Lady, the beginning of it’s sweep.

Watch the 86th Annual Academy Awards tonight on ABC, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres!