Young-John-WayneFor the summer months— May, June, July, and August— we’ll continue our look at classic films. Instead of a poll, we’ll be asking classic film lovers to weigh in on favorite stars, directors, and genres. The subject for May— John Wayne.

Answer the following questions and submit them to the email on the left column of this blog and we’ll post your responses. Also, you can suggest topics for June, July, and August: we’ll take these on a first-come first-serve basis— please keep your suggestion to just ONE topic.


1.) What do you think is the Duke’s best black & white film? Best color film?

2.) What do you consider to be John Wayne’s three best performances?

3.) Who’s your favorite John Wayne co-star?

4.) What do you think is his best decade in movies?

5.) Would you have voted for him to win the Oscar for True Grit (1969)?

6.) Do you have a favorite film of his from his pre-stardom era (before Stagecoach in 1939)?

7.) What is your least favorite John Wayne movie?

8.) What do you consider to be his most underrated movie?

9.) Why do you think John Wayne has remained popular to this day?

10.) What John Wayne movie you’ve already seen would you like to see again right now?