Vicki Schuster answers our May John Wayne Questionnaire:

images1.) What do you think is the Duke’s best black & white film? Best color film?

Fort Apache and Rooster Cogburn

2.) What do you consider to be John Wayne’s three best performances?

The Searchers, Rooster Cogburn, and The Shootist

3.) Who’s your favorite John Wayne co-star?

It’s a tie: Victor McLaglen and Ben Johnson

4.) What do you think is his best decade in movies?

I like his movies from every decade but mostly mid-60s to mid-70s

5.) Would you have voted for him to win the Oscar for True Grit (1969)?


6.) Do you have a favorite film of his from his pre-stardom era (before Stagecoach in 1939)?


7.) What is your least favorite John Wayne movie?

I thought Hatari was one of my favorite John Wayne movies (I saw it when it came out) and it seemed romantic and exciting to see Africa and safaris and all that went with that but when viewing it again a few years ago I could hardly stand to watch it, feeling sorry for the killing and capturing of the animals. Maybe more global animal plight crisis awareness that is prevalent now since the 1960s has made me more sensitive to this. But I LOVE the Henry Mancini music from Hatari.

8.) What do you consider to be his most underrated movie?

The Shootist—I think it was a movie in which John Wayne finally, near the end of his life, reached the stage of being a good actor.

9.) Why do you think John Wayne has remained popular to this day?

Everyone can relate to John Wayne—he’s comfortable to watch, he represents goodness, he fights for what he believes in, and when the movie is over you feel good having spent some time with a good person being true to his convictions. And his voice—he had a unique voice that was easily recognizeable (just like his “John Wayne walk”), deep, resonant, and made you smile (at least it does me). I think when people think of John Wayne it brings a smile.

10.) What John Wayne movie you’ve already seen would you like to see again right now?

Rooster Cogburn