images-1We continue our summer classic film questionnaires, with a spotlight on Paul Newman.  Send your response to the email address at left and we’ll post it in August. Thanks Vicki Schuster for the suggestion!


1.) What’s your favorite Paul Newman film?

2.) What do you consider to be his three best performances?

3.) Which of the two collaborations between co-stars Robert Redford & Paul Newman and director George Roy Hill do you think is best: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or The Sting?

4.) Which is your favorite pairing with his wife Joanne Woodward of their ten films together as co-stars (The Long, Hot Summer; Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys!; From the Terrace, Paris Blues, A New Kind of Love, Winning, WUSA, The Drowning Pool, Harry & Son, Mr. And Mrs. Bridge)?

5.) Have you had any Newman’s Own products, and if so, which do you like best?

6.) Newman’s Oscar win for The Color of Money was considered a belated one— if you could award him the Oscar for only one of his previous nominations, which would you choose— Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; The Hustler; Hud; Cool Hand Luke; Absence of Malice; or The Verdict?

7.) What is your least favorite Paul Newman movie?

8.) Why do you think Newman was such a popular star in his day?

9.) What do you consider to be his most underrated movie?

10.) What Paul Newman movie you’ve already seen would you like to see again right now?