the-ring-japan-poster-1Sunday, October 26 at 7 PM at the Albany County Public Library. Free pop and popcorn! Ringu (1998) A TV reporter investigates a strange video linked to the death of several young people who watched it just before they died. The reporter feels she must solve the mystery before she falls victim to the video’s deadly curse. Ringu won six awards in international film competitions. It was a box-office success in its native Japan and a surprise blockbuster in Hong Kong. It led to the American remake starring Naomi Watts in 2002. In Japanese with English subtitles, running time: 96 minutes Sponsored by the Albany County Public Library and the Laramie Film Society. For more information about the foreign film series visit the LFS web page for ratings, reviews, longer synopses of each film and a schedule of upcoming films in this series.