10801962_721165411298659_998002798816726368_nSunday November 23rd at 7 PM at the Albany County Public Library, join us for The Dreamers (2003), part of the “Sundries of the World” foreign film series.

Veteran Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci directs the erotic drama The Dreamers, adapted from the novel The Holy Innocents: A Romance by Gilbert Adair. American student Matthew (Michael Pitt) is studying in Paris during the politically turbulent late ’60s. The story begins in 1968 with the firing of Henri Langlois, the founder of the French Cinematique. At a protest demonstration, Matthew meets cinema-obsessed Isabelle (Eva Green) and her twin brother, Theo (Louis Garrel). When their Bohemian parents (Robin Renucci and Anna Chancellor) leave for the summer, the twins invite Matthew to live with them. While the revolution rages on outside, the three young people stay in the comfortable flat filling their time with hedonistic games and discussions of film. Bertolucci incorporates clips from classic films like Queen Christina, Band of Outsiders, and Breathless. After showing at several European film festivals, The Dreamers made its U.S. premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. Spoken languages, French and English, with English subtitles. Rated NC-17, running time 115 minutes. IMDB rating, 7.2/10.